The Management of RECTORAL DO UMIA SAU recognizes within the company’s strategy, Quality Management and Food Safety as a pillar in its commitment to continuous improvement.

As a consequence of this commitment, we have implemented a Food Quality and Safety Management System at all levels of the organization according to the International Food Standard (IFS) and British Retail Consortium (BRC) standards With the implementation of this Management System, RECTORAL DO UMIA SAU aims to:

  • Pack our wines and distribute them in optimal conditions to offer our customers a safe, authentic product of the highest quality and under the criteria of maximum Food Safety.
  • Inform us and strictly comply with the applicable legislation on Quality, Food Safety, Occupational Risk Prevention and the Environment.
  • Satisfy the requirements and specifications of our customers, the basis of our future.
  • Prevent contamination from the environment that surrounds us and promote recycling, reuse and recovery of the waste generated.
  • Assume our responsibility in aspects related to ethics such as:
    • Serve society with our products in fair and safe conditions.
    • Respect human rights with decent working conditions that promote job security and the human and professional development of workers
    • Promote the integration of all workers in the company regardless of race, gender or religion.
    • Respect the environment, avoiding as much as possible any type of contamination, minimizing the generation of waste and rationalizing the use of natural and energy resources, seeking environmental sustainability.
    • Comply with rigor the laws, regulations, norms and customs, respecting the legitimate contracts and commitments acquired.

The Management of RECTORAL DO UMIA SAU wants to make known through this document, both to workers, and to their customers and suppliers, their belief that:

  • Quality is a key factor in the survival of the company.
  • Food Quality and Safety and respect for the Environment are responsibilities that must be assumed and shared by all members of the organization.
  • Food Quality and Safety Management is subject to continuous improvement. In this regard, the company’s activities should be focused on avoiding errors as far as possible. And in any case, these should be seen as opportunities for learning and improvement.

This POLICY is the reference framework of the company and therefore, the Management assumes the maximum responsibility and with everyone’s effort, renewing the rigor at work every day, we will achieve more PRESTIGE and more COMPETITIVENESS. The Management wishes to thank the collaboration of the entire human team of RECTORAL DO UMIA SAU.